Aug 13 2017

10 Best Fashion Schools Across Europe #design #schools #in #europe


10 Best Fashion Schools Across Europe

The fashion industry in spite of its outwardly appearance of being colorful and almost frivolous is quite a competitive. If you want a foothold in this industry then you should have the right support and in this case it means a degree from the right fashion school. If you are concerned about finding the right fashion school in Europe, then you do not have to worry; we have put together this list which will set you in the right direction. Not only does this list include some leading design schools, but also includes some good fashion colleges that will teach you about the technical and commercial aspects of fashion, which you will realize are also very important.

Best Fashion Schools Across Europe

  • Central Saint Martins, based in London, England: This offers courses like jewelry design, textile and also fashion. This institute can take up to 1200 students. The teaching here is excellent and since the school is funded by the government, students from all segments of society can work their way in.

  • Antwerp Royal Academy Of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium: This is a top notch design school and since the course load is quite heavy, it weeds out those who are not that serious. So do not join unless you are sure of your passion and your willingness to work really hard. They can take up to 140 students.

  • Ecole De La Chambre Syndicale based in Paris, France: It is well known for the couture classes that they conduct and there are also linked to the regulating commission that decides which fashion houses qualify to be called the true blue couture houses. They can take up to 240 students.

  • Istituto Marangoni – This fashion design and business school has campuses in Paris, London and Milan. In all the institutes put together they can take up to 2000 students. Since they have a good reputation and are based in the centers of fashion, placement after the course is also easy.

  • ESMOD: Mainly based in Paris they also have 21 schools in 14 countries and are known as the oldest French fashion design school. They have a pretty good placement rate once the students are finished with the course. It can accommodate up to 700 students.

  • University Of Westminster: Based in London, this school can take up to 3000 students who can opt for either a three year course or a four year course and also get some on job training. This fashion institute cannot be underestimated as they have more than just their courses to offer.

  • London College Of Fashion: Based in London and taking on more than 2500 students they teach students not only fashion but also things that are related like beauty and cosmetics, journalism related to fashion and styling images. One of the names that this institute can boast about is Jimmy Choo.

  • La Cambre based in Brussels, Belgium: This school can take up to 630 students and has a more conventional approach to Fashion that leans towards the French way of thinking. The course is designed to last for 5 years wherein students will be taught styling and fashion designing.

  • Hogeschool Van Amsterdam based in Amsterdam, Netherlands: They teach about design, fashion and also branding and management. They can accommodate up to 30000 students and since the course is subsidized this works out more affordable. The school is known for giving a new twist to fashion classics.

  • University Of Applied Arts based in Vienna, Austria: They can take up to 1100 students and there is a subsidy for students who speak German. They have a good course with really eminent guest teachers.

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