Jul 30 2017

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Best Performing Sector ETFs Today

With today’s highly diversified economy, what ends up capturing the focus of investors can change rapidly. Whether it is a slowing Chinese economy, a change in the Fed’s interest rate policy, a surprise earnings report from an industry leader, a sudden shortage of a particular commodity or a major economic report, the following list of the best performing sector ETFs today helps isolate the sectors that the investment community is currently shifting their hard earned assets into (or out of since the following table includes inverse ETFs). As such the following table can be useful in determining underlying themes and concerns currently being acted upon by investors.

The following table lists the 30 best performing sector exchange-traded funds. The table

includes and can be sorted on: ETF ticker symbol, ETF name, fund orientation, and one-day gain rank as well as the sector ETF’s one-day, one-month, and 12-month percent change. For summary statistics of these 30 best performing sector ETFs today as well as how they compare to the S ?>

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