Oct 13 2017

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Carpet Cleaning Equipment, Machines Supplies

Chem-Tex is your one stop shop for carpet cleaning equipment. machines and accessories. We are a company that excels at both providing great service and customer satisfaction. Whether you are a professional contractor or working on a small do-it-yourself project, we have what you need to get the job done. From professional truck mounted carpet cleaning machines and portable extractors to carpet cleaning chemicals and janitorial accessories. we offer only top notch products at a competitive, cost effective price.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Chem-Tex is an international manufacturer of professional carpet cleaning equipment and machines. When founded in 1980, Chem-Tex primarily focused on manufacturing carpet cleaning machines. janitorial supplies. and carpet cleaning chemicals. Today we are the most well-known manufacturer and distributer of commercial carpet cleaning equipment .
Here at Chem-Tex we have everything you need for your carpet cleaning business. Our list of products includes: truck mounts machines, portable extractors, floor machines, air duct cleaning equipment, pressure washers, restoration equipment, carpet cleaning accessories, and much more. We do not just sell you equipment, but we also back you up with superior customer support and all the necessary parts, ready to ship out the same day.
Here at Chem-Tex we strive to sell the highest quality equipment for the lowest price. To reach this goal we have eliminated the middle man by selling directly as the manufacturer. When purchasing truck mount or portable machines from us, you can be sure that you are getting equipment from the very company that built it, at the very best price available.

What is so special about Chem-Tex equipment anyway?
The carpet cleaning equipment that we sell are thoroughly checked and held to a high standard of quality. We use only top-of-the-line parts and materials to build our machines. Every machine we manufacture is hand made by our experienced mechanics. We know what it takes to build truly reliable carpet cleaning machines. We have over 30 years of experience and imply our knowledge to build one of the best equipment in the industry. That is why every piece of carpet cleaning equipment we manufacture comes with a complete seal of approval.
Chem-Tex offers carpet cleaning machines that are a great long term investment for any carpet cleaning company.

Starting Carpet Cleaning Business

We can help you get into the carpet cleaning industry quickly and easily. Our expert team is here to help ensure that the process goes as smooth as possible.
The carpet cleaning industry is a 40 billion dollar industry that is recession proof and easy to get into. With our new business opportunity package, we have just made it easier. In just three simple steps, Chem-Tex will provide you not only with the best Carpet Cleaning Equipment, but with everything that you will need to get your carpet cleaning company going immediately. We have over 30 years of experience helping people get into the cleaning business and we know every aspect of this booming industry.
The first step is to choose your carpet cleaning equipment. With our new business opportunity packages, you will receive special pricing on any of our cleaning machines. Our experts will help you choose the right carpet cleaning machine, accessories, and cleaning products that fit your needs.
Second, we will train you how to use your new cleaning machine and other cleaning products to provide professional service for your customers.
Third, we will provide you with all the marketing tools that you need to make your phone ring right away.
Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business is easy with Chem-Tex!
Don’t miss this deal! Call us today for more information at 1-800-CHEM-TEX or 713-668-1212

Truck Mount Machines

We offer five different models of professional truck mount carpet cleaning machines – The Panther Series. Shopping on a budget? We also carry a smart budget solution, such as the Black Stallion machine.

Here are some interesting facts about our Truck Mount Machines:
Chem-Tex is the only manufacturer to offer stainless steel recovery tanks with a lifetime warranty. This is included with the purchase of all our truck carpet cleaning equipment (except Power Max Red and Black Stallion).
At over thirty years old, the Panther series is the oldest brand name in the truck mount equipment industry worldwide.
Chem-Tex was one of the first in the business to use heat exchangers in our truck mounted machines, unlike other companies who choose to use kerosene, propane, or diesel.

Whether you are looking for a carpet cleaning machine at a basic level, or you are an advanced professional carpet cleaner, Chem-Tex will be there every step of the way.
Whether your question is big or small, we will work hand in hand to bring you all the answers!
To Chem-Tex, customer satisfaction is high on our priority list!

Panther 14

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  • Power Max Red


    This is Chris Jones with C M Carpet Cleaning. I bought one of your Panther Truckmount machines a couple years ago. I just wanted you to know that I have am very pleased with this machine. I have run my own business for 37 years, I also am a former Instructor teaching the IICRC approved courses, a former Senior Inspector. I also have a master textile cleaning classification with the IICRC. During my years in this field, I have seen and used a lot of machines from different manufactures. I would give Panther truck mount machine and service a first class recommendation.
    You can be sure in the future whenever I purchase a new machine it will be one from Chemtex.

    About Chem-Tex

    Chem Tex was established in 1980 with a few visionary individuals in Houston, Texas. By putting customers first, Chem Tex has developed into the world’s premier carpet cleaning equipment and supply manufacturer through sustainable state-of-art innovations. We deeply understand the importance of producing carpet cleaning equipment to handle any size job. more.

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