Sep 12 2017

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Best cleaners in Albany NY

It’s hard to find a cleaner that offers everything you need! But we want to be the best cleaners in Albany and we can’t do that without great customers like you!
We are loyal to the work we do and the customers we do it for and if you need any suggestions or tips on cleaning or products that are safe and eco-friendly then feel free to ask, we can provide tips and suggestions at no extra cost. We provide you with immediate and timely cleaning services and you can receive a FREE quote from a qualified cleaner by contacting us here.

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Quality House cleaning services at affordable prices

Our low cost residential and commercial cleaning services are the best in Albany and surrounding areas. We know that as a mother of 3 with 2 cats and a husband or a business owner with 25 employees, that you don t have time to clean EVERYTHING. And that s where we come in. The honest, dependable, and hard working people that we employ will do just that. clean everything. All the way from your highest second story windows to the carpets, hardwood floors, and tile and grout. Are your hallways a mess after the ten business meetings you had? We clean those too!

Why do you need a Carpet Cleaner?

If you’re not one for sweeping or cold feet then maybe a carpet is for you. But possible dangers to your carpet stop by every day. Example= Red drinks, kids, animals, and bacteria. yes. Bacteria.
Here are 10 interesting facts about your carpet that you probably didn’t know:
(courtesy of Lone Star Hard Surface Blog)

  1. The stomach bug virus can live in carpet for more than a month.
  2. For a 150 pound person, vacuuming for 30 minutes burns 125 calories. How many calories would you burn?
  3. To brighten your carpet sprinkle salt in it. Let it sit for an hour and vacuum it up.
  4. When carpets are properly maintained and cleaned, they may actually be good for allergy sufferers. Carpet traps the dust and allergens in its fibers, making them less present in the air. On the other hand, if carpets are not properly cleaned and maintained, they are worse for allergy sufferers.
  5. A person loses around 1.5 million skin flakes in one hour. The majority of these flakes become embedded in the carpet.
  6. The five second rule is a lie (shocker). Bacteria can live longer than 4 weeks in carpet.
  7. Most people s carpets are 4,000 times dirtier than toilet seats, and they are about 7 times dirtier than average city streets.
  8. Early vacuums were so large that they took 3 people to operate them.
  9. When they first came out, Hoover vacuum cleaners were difficult to sell, because potential customers refused to believe that they could have that much dirt in their carpets.
  10. Carpet should be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months.

So give us a call if you feel like you need a carpet cleaning consultation! 518-478-6656
Most of what people believe about carpets is a myth! Hire a true professional for a quality job and a guarantee that no damage or shrinking will occur to your carpets! And hopefully the above facts prove that you shouldn’t just get your carpets cleaned if they’re stained!

A detailed cleaner is Important.
Detail is our middle name.

Detail and professionalism are essential qualities here at Albany Top Cleaners. We take your area of residence or work very seriously and strive to create long term relationships with all of our customers. There s no sweeping that pile of dirt under the bed with us! We re the most thorough company in the business! If there s a pebble in the cracks or a shard of glass in the corner of your kitchen. we ll find it. We use top of the line eco-friendly products to create a safe and clean environment for your children, pets, employees and of course yourself!

We know how the holidays are..find a holiday Cleaner!

Holidays are less stressful when you don t have to worry about cleansing the entire house before that big event you ve planned. When you re tired after the party you’ve tirelessly planned, don t worry, we ve got you covered! We ll come clean those deep red wine stains out of the rug for ya. AND. we ll get the mud out of those tiles in the entryway while we re at it. Our services are professional quality at affordable prices matched with trustworthy hard-work and safe top of the line products and tools. when you take all of those factors and combine them with one company you get the best local cleaning service possible.

Albany Cleaning Services:
Carpet Cleaning
Stain Removal
Dusting Vacuuming
Odor Mold Removal
Residential/ Home Cleaning
Commercial/Office Cleaning
Party Event Clean-up
Holiday Cleaning Services
Emergency Disaster Cleaning
Tips, Suggestions, and More!

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