Sep 12 2017

Colorado Film Schools with Course and Degree Program Overviews #film #schools #in #colorado, #colorado #film


Colorado Film Schools with Course and Degree Program Overviews

Essential Information

Students interested in film can pursue academically oriented or production-focused degree programs. In the Colorado area, students have several available school options that offer programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. Students can specialize on different areas in some of these degree programs. Profiled below are five public and private not-for-profit Colorado film schools, as well as a table comparing program options and tuition info.

Colorado College

Colorado College is a private school located in Colorado Springs. The school enrolls around 2,000 students per year. The school offers a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies program. Coursework includes basic filmmaking, media theory, and collaborative practices. After completing their third year of studies, students select a theoretical or practical emphasis, which determines much of their additional coursework. Students are required to complete at least 12 major credits to earn this degree.

Community College of Aurora

The Community College of Aurora is a 2-year college located in the city of Aurora. Almost 8,000 students attend this public institution. Film students can find an Associate of Applied Science program through the college’s Colorado Film School. Students choose from emphasis areas in writing and directing, writing and producing, acting for the screen, cinematography, postproduction, or writing for the screen. In addition to taking core courses like short script analysis and development of film expression, students take emphasis area courses related to their chosen field of study.

Red Rocks Community College

Red Rocks Community College is located in the city of Lakewood. This 2-year school enrolls over 8,000 students. Those interested in film can study video production. This 60-credit Associate of Applied Science in Video Production degree program includes courses in videography, digital animatics, and digital video editing, to name a few.

University of Colorado – Boulder

This Boulder university has a student population of over 32,000. Film students have undergraduate and graduate program options from which to choose. Intended for students who wish to become independent filmmakers, the Bachelor of Fine Arts program offers courses in such areas as lighting, postproduction, and digital cinematography. The school also offers a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies for students who are interested in film theory and criticism. The university’s master’s degree program prepares students to take leadership roles in the film industry. Graduates are expected to advance the understanding and production of original filmmaking. The film studies department provides 16mm film prints, film editing equipment, and optical printers.

University of Denver

Located in the city of Denver. this private university enrolls nearly 12,000 students each year. The school offers a bachelor’s degree program in film studies and production. Students enrolled in the bachelor’s program begin with a gateway course in film criticism. They then take other major courses like film production and editing; HD video and 16mm film; and experimental video theory and production.

School Comparison: At a Glance

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