Oct 15 2017

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Completing Divorce or Separation

The forms and instructions you use to finish your case depend on whether:

  • The respondent in the case filed a response,
  • You and your spouse or domestic partner have an agreement about:

    • Ending your marriage,
    • Child custody and visitation,
    • Support issues (including child, spousal, and partner support), and
    • How to divide your property and debt.
  • There are many forms to fill out, and it can get very complicated if you want to include child support and child custody orders. You may be able to get help with this process from your court’s family law facilitator or self-help center.

    Before you continue:

    • If you are the petitioner, complete steps 1 – 4 under Filing Your Case
    • .
    • If you are the respondent, read Responding to a Divorce or Legal Separation
    • and complete any steps that apply to your situation.

    Once you have completed the required steps and are ready to complete your divorce or legal separation case, click on the link below that best describes your situation to find out what to do next:

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