Sep 13 2017

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Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Due to an increasing number of issues that were affecting the daily work flow as a result of a high volume of mandatory paperwork which consisted of accreditation forms, disclosures and signed contracts processed on a daily basis, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine CME realized that a fax server solution was not a cost-effective or practical investment.

Business continuity was a major concern when utilizing fax machines. The length of time involved in manually printing, scanning and faxing documents decreased productivity by reducing the amount of time employees spent on generating new business or servicing existing customers. Manual processes also involved a high error rate as many documents would require multiple attempts at faxing. Moreover, fax machines also created a security concern because confidential faxes were sometimes left out in the open or misplaced. If the recipient was out of the office, delays in processing could occur.

In addition, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine CME needed a reliable centralized fax infrastructure that would provide them with high availability and pandemic planning capabilities which are not available with fax machines. “ The majority of our business requires documents to be faxed. If for some reason we were not able to go into the office to work, fax machines would not allow the option of telecommuting, so there would be no way to work from outside of the office,” stated Lorraine Spencer, IT Manager at John Hopkins University School of Medicine CME.

Concord fax

Princess House

Princess House has been using a fax server for their day to day communication with consultants who exclusively use faxing for processing order forms. As the business grew, Princess House decided that they needed to update their fax server to keep up with the workload, along with a system to better track receipt of the order forms.

Princess House had specific needs, such as a header for all incoming faxes to reflect the date and time they were received at the Princess House headquarters, since many offers are only valid for very limited times. In addition to flexibility, Princess House needed a fax solution that provided high availability and high capacity for maintaining the workflow, mainly because the majority of their faxes are received during very short periods of time at the end of promotional periods, often exceeding 4000-5000 order forms.

After looking into upgrading their fax server, Princess House realized the update would be costly due to the cost of additional hardware and software as well as software maintenance and communication infrastructure such as two T1s. Consequently, Princess House came to the conclusion that a fax server was not cost-effective and lacked the flexibility needed to meet the demands of their growing business.

Concord fax

APS Workflow

APS Workflow utilized a traditional fax service for sending and receiving medical requests and medical records on a day to day basis. Progressively, they became displeased with the occasional service interruptions caused by outages with their previous fax service provider which also directly affected their clients. APS Workflow realized their dependency on a fax service that utilized conventional, non-redundant technology was not cost-effective and failed to meet their business needs.

Concord fax

Want to receive all the benefits of online faxing without giving up your fax machine?

Concord Fax Online FaxLync enables the use of conventional fax machines and certain MFPs (Multi Functional Peripheral) to send and receive faxes with the Concord Fax Online Service.

Concord fax

  • Replaces the need for conventional phone lines (This is especially beneficial to customers moving to VOIP)
  • Maintains usability (No training required )
  • Increases capacity (Never busy)
  • Maintains an electronic record of each document sent and received (Optional feature)
  • Improved fax reliability with Concord’s dynamic call routing technology (Ability to programmatically “flip” from one carrier to another in case of connection problems from the lowest cost option to the highest cost option, as Concord’s cost)
  • Any fax number on the Concord network (Domestic international) can ring to the FaxLync
  • Complete Plug and Play with HTTPS (No firewall issues) Automatically secure
  • Automated Failover

Why Fax Online?

Fax machines regularly disrupt workflow with the time spent printing the document to fax, then walking to and from the fax machine and the manual resending of faxes. Fax machines also only allow single pages to be faxed at a time in contrast to online faxing which is beneficial to the workflow because users send and receive faxes directly from their computer. Online fax also provides reliable, unlimited capacity on demand by allowing users to send and receive several fax documents at one time to various recipients, which is extremely beneficial to companies that process and transmit a heavy load of paperwork daily.

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