Oct 12 2017

Denver Personal Injury Lawyer – Aurora, Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney – Springer & Steinberg, P


Denver Personal Injury Lawyers

Springer Steinberg, P.C. is a powerful civil and criminal litigation firm. Our approach is simple: do the best work, get the best results. Jeff Springer is a powerful Denver personal injury attorney and Harvey Steinberg is known across Colorado as a fierce advocate. Our firm is comfortably located in Downtown Denver, across from the Civil Center Station at the end of the 16th street mall and across from the state capital. We are also just two short blocks from the City County of Denver s Courthouse, as well as the Colorado Supreme Court.

Colorado Civil and Criminal Litigation Attorneys

The attorneys and staff come from unique backgrounds and boast a variety of skills to make you feel comfortable that your case is in the right hands. With us standing by your side even the most difficult cases become manageable. When you need an edge, when OK isn t good enough, call Springer Steinberg, P.C. at 303-861-2800 or toll free at 877-473-6004.

Our firm offers full service litigation in both civil and criminal matters to clients all over Colorado. You will find our attorneys in Denver, Jefferson, Arapahoe, Adams, and Douglas county courts every day. We also practice in city courts like Glendale, Aurora, Lakewood, Arvada, and Broomfield to name a few.

Jeff and Harvey have brought together the finest team of litigators, uniquely qualified to represent clients for all matters. For over thirty years our firm s clients have included everyone from families who have suffered unimaginable tragedy to professional athletes, politicians, and business leaders. Our clients bring us a diverse set of cases including personal injury. malpractice , product liability claims. divorce. child custody, property division, domestic violence and restraining orders. We also have a team of highly experienced appellate attorneys. There is no question that your case will receive the upmost attention and care.

If you have been injured you need a practical and tactical Denver personal injury attorney. Jeff Springer has won numerous million and multi-million dollar settlements. Every case is different, but we know the judges and juries in Denver, Jefferson, Boulder, Arapahoe, Douglas and other areas, so we can give you an honest assessment of what your case is worth. That is why we are successful representing clients with serious medical problems like neck and head injuries, or complicated divorces with a lot of business and real property assets. Businesses large and small hire also us to take care of their contract, property and ownership disputes.

Often injury claims come with the headache (pardon the pun) of dealing with insurance companies and health care provider collections. We take care of those problems too. Hit by an uninsured motorist? Your own insurance should compensate you, but will use low-ball and stalling tactics. So our Denver personal injury lawyers also handle bad-faith insurance claims.

Divorces are messy. Opposing counsel can be unreasonably aggressive. Our success comes from fighting with brains and brawn, not bluster. When needed, we hire the trusted experts to sort through property and parenting disputes. Using strategic planning, we get the right evidence in front of the judge at the right time.

Business is successful when everyone plays fair. When they don t, good planning and a tactical approach lead to satisfying and affordable results. Whether you have been wronged or wrongly accused, you need a lawyer who knows how to manage the costs of commercial litigation. The attorneys at Springer Steinberg stay on top of the latest legal developments and changes in the rules so when you need to move fast, we are ready to spring into action.

Use our online contact for or call for a free consultation. In all cases, reaching the best possible result is what we want here at Springer Steinberg, P.C.

Harvey Steinberg has assembled one of the most elite teams of litigators to help you through your criminal troubles. Our team boasts a wide variety of skills to set you up with the most strategic defense possible for your case. Harvey is known to produce the best outcomes for clients charged with the most serious crimes. Criminal cases include domestic violence, DUI, drug charges, burglary, robbery, white collar crimes, traffic violations, underage drinking, assault and murder. Whatever your charge may be, we tailor your case to your individual circumstances to provide you with the best outcome.

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