Aug 14 2017

Dual Graduate Degrees – Carroll School of Management – Boston College #mba #schools #in #boston


In the cross-functional world of global business, professionals with expertise in more than one discipline are in great demand. A dual degree such as an MBA/JD can provide a distinct career advantage. Dual degree details:

  • The Carroll School of Management offers nearly 20+ highly regarded dual-degree programs in collaboration with other schools and programs.
  • Students are generally able to complete the requirements of a dual-degree program in significantly less time than it would take to pursue each program separately.
  • To apply for a dual-degree program, students must apply to both programs (and both schools, if applicable).
  • The admissions committee strongly recommends that dual degree applications are submitted by January 15, 2017. If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions .


Applicants only need to submit one application when applying to a CSOM dual-degree program. Even though you will be submitting one application, you may still be considered for each program separately. It is possible to receive different decisions for different programs.


MBA dual degree applicants should apply by January 15, 2017.

  • MBA/Master of Social Work
  • MBA/MA in Political Science
  • MBA/MS in Nursing
  • MBA/MS in Geology
  • MBA/MA in Slavic Studies
  • MBA/MA in Russian
  • MBA/MA in Linguistics
  • MBA/MA in French Studies
  • MBA/MA in Hispanic Studies
  • MBA/MA in Italian Studies
  • MBA/MA in Higher Education
  • MBA/MA in Theology and Ministry
  • MBA/PhD in Sociology
  • MBA/MA in Urban Environmental Policy Planning
    (in conjunction with Tufts University)
  • MBA/MS in Food Nutrition Science, Policy Management
    (in conjunction with Tufts University)

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