Jul 21 2017

Energy Billing – Energy Billing work with housing managers to install, maintain and manage smart community energy management systems #energy #billing


Smart Control

Introducing Energy Billing s devices

Our wirelessly operated devices, designed to monitor residential metering systems, can be installed during a new build or retro-fitted into existing energy schemes. The vOne is designed to work with one utility and comes with a button operated control panel.The vThree is designed to work with up to three utilities and comes with a multi-functional touch screen.

Easy ways to pay for your residents

Both the vOne and the vThree have the added option of App control through the resident’s own mobile phone. Our cutting-edge App has been designed for ease of use and our stylish interface features colourful graphics and intuitive functionality enabling users to enjoy a flawless customer experience.

Residents manage their finances by topping up their accounts using either the PayPoint network of 27,000 outlets, or our 24/7 automated telephone payments or our dedicated website

Introducing our account invoicing and billing back office

The vOne and vThree devices are supported by a comprehensive range of efficient back office account invoicing and billing solutions which can help recover any pre-existing account arrears and improve cash flow and scheme efficiency.

Whether it’s scheme utility billing, or the collection of existing account arrears with the UK’s most comprehensive range of prepayment devices for community heating schemes, Energy Billing can help Housing Managers like you.

Get in touch to find out more – our team of experts are ready to discuss your requirements and help find the right solution.

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