Sep 13 2017

Export SharePoint Users and Groups to Excel using PowerShell #powershell #development #environment


Export SharePoint Users and Groups to Excel using PowerShell

Export SharePoint Users and Groups to Excel for analyzing SharePoint Groups and Users along with their Account Name, E-mails!We can export SharePoint User Group to excel using PowerShell. Here is how:

PowerShell Script to Export Users Groups:

This script will Export SharePoint user group to excel. Here is the report output:

PowerShell script to Get All Groups and Members of Each group:

How to Get members of a particular group in SharePoint 2007 using PowerShell:
Its also possible to read user properties from User Profile.

PowerShell script to Get Members of Each Group at Web (Sub-Site) Level:
and the output: SharePoint PowerShell export group members

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Here the script for getting the list only fr site owner on the web application

#Using Get-SPSite in MOSS 2007
function global:Get-SPSite($url)
return new-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite($url)

function global:Get-SPWeb($url)
$site= New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite($url)
if($site -ne $null)
return $web

#Write the Header to Tab Separated Text File
Site Name`t URL `t Group Name `t User Account `t User Name `t E-Mail | out-file d:\UsersandGroupsRpt.txt

$SPWebApp = Get-SPWebApplication https://sharepoint

foreach ($site in $SPWebApp.Sites)

$sites = Get-SPSite $site.url

#Iterate through all Webs
foreach ($web in $sites.AllWebs)
#Write the Header to Tab Separated Text File
$($web.title) `t $($web.URL) `t `t `t `t | out-file d:\UsersandGroupsRpt.txt -append
#Get all Groups and Iterate through
$Group = $Web.sitegroups | Where-Object <$_.Name -Like *Owners* >
foreach ($group in $Web.groups)

if(($Group.Name.ToLower() -Like *owners* ))

`t `t $($Group.Name) `t `t `t | out-file d:\UsersandGroupsRpt.txt -append
#Iterate through Each User in the group
foreach ($user in $group.users)
#Exclude Built-in User Accounts

`t `t `t $($user.LoginName) `t $($ `t $($user.Email) | out-file d:\UsersandGroupsRpt.txt -append

write-host Report Generated at d:\UsersandGroupsRpt.txt

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