Sep 10 2017

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Fios vs. Cable

What is Fios’s advantage over cable companies like Comcast? Superior technology. Unlike cable, Fios provides an all-fiber network for your home.

Verizon’s 100% fiber-optic network delivers your Internet, TV and phone connection directly to your door.

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Experience the fiber-optic difference for yourself.

Whether you’re in the market for Internet or TV service, Verizon is the natural choice when comparing cable vs. Fios services. Unlike other providers, Fios offers a direct line from our central office to your home. That means your Internet connection won’t slow down, even when the whole neighborhood is online.

Don’t settle for less than 100% of the Internet. Only Fios customers get upload speeds as fast as their download speeds.

Verizon Internet speeds speak for themselves

Compare Verizon Fios vs. Comcast or other big cable companies, and you’ll find that Verizon comes out ahead again and again.

With the Fios 50/50 Mbps speed tier, you can download a 2 hour HD video (5 GB in size) in less than 14 minutes. 4

  • That same download with Comcast’s 25/5 Mbps speed tier would take more than 27 minutes. 4
  • With Time Warner Cable’s 15/1 Mbps speed tier, it would take 45.5 minutes. 4

It’s one of the many reasons Fios is more likely than Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Cox, Charter, and Bright House to be recommended to friends and family. 5 For unsurpassed performance and reliability, a 100% fiber-optic network makes all the difference.

Channel variety cable can’t match.

Experience the difference of TV rated #1 in customer satisfaction. When you look at Verizon Fios vs. cable:

  • Fios TV offers hundreds of all-digital and HD channels.
  • You get streaming access to thousands of Fios On Demand titles, many for free.

Make the switch to a Fios TV plan for premium entertainment and ultimate flexibility.

Fast installation makes cable technicians nearly obsolete.

No rearranging your schedule to wait for the cable guy. If your home is wired for fiber optics, you have the option of installing the Verizon equipment yourself.

Once your order is complete, you’ll receive your equipment kit with all the components you need to be up and running in roughly 30 minutes.

Our customer service experts will let you know during the ordering process if you have the option of installing the equipment without the aid of a Verizon technician.

Overall Satisfaction Rating

Fios is the fastest and most reliable Internet available. 6 Switch today to experience the Fios difference firsthand.

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