Jul 24 2017

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Fleet Trackers and E-Logs with No Contracts

Dedicated Account Managers for Tracking Devices

When you use our fleet tracking solutions, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be your single point of contact to help you with ongoing training and orders for our fleet trackers. They will also keep you up to date on future additions to our interface so you can stay on top of all the new gps fleet tracking system features as they are added over time. Contact us to learn more about gps fleet tracking devices today.

Route Planning with Tracking Solutions

Our fleet trackers can provide your drivers with the most accurate and effective commercial vehicle routes that can be optimized using variables such as vehicle size and load types for safety compliance. With fleet gps tracking, your drivers will have a better overall view of the jobs they need to complete within a given period of time which will in turn help refine your daily operations.

At just the click of a button, our tracking devices can generate routes that takes into account traffic conditions, weather forecasts, road construction / conditions and other hindrances that can delay your delivery times. Route planning comes standard with all of our gps fleet tracking devices.

Get More Jobs Done with tracking solutions

Fleet gps tracking gives you the most efficient routes so you can get more jobs done in a day while reducing your vehicles’ mileage.

Create Compliant Routes

Map out compliant routes for fleets with unique needs such as large freight trucks and other vehicles that haul hazardous materials.

Reduce Accidents with Fleet Trackers

Advanced route planning can help your driver avoid any potential road hazards by mapping out the safest route for them to take.

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