Sep 13 2017

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Investment in gold and silver

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Unique Gold Indicators – Live Sample:

Investment in gold and silver

If you’d like to get up-to-date readings for all 6 of our unique precious metals indicators, please sign up for our free gold newsletter – you’ll get access 7 days of free access to the SP Indicators as well as to our Gold Silver Trading Alerts (and – for a limited time – Oil Trading Alerts) as a starting bonus. You’ll also stay up-to-date regarding all free articles that we post. Again, our newsletter is free and if you don’t like it, you can easily unsubscribe with just 2 clicks. Sign up today .


The Post-Labor-Day Surprise

Everyone and their brother are cheering as gold moved above the $1,300 level, but there is a very strong post-Labor-Day surprise that is not being written about that could change everything about the recent move. Would it accelerate or invalidate the recent move? You’ll find details in today’s Gold Silver Trading Alert.


Payrolls in August 2017 and Gold

The U.S. economy added 156,000 jobs in August. What does it mean for the gold market?


Bitcoin Stalls

The hectic move up has stalled recently. Does this depreciation mean that the top is already in? We offer our opinion.


Will Stocks Continue Their Last Week’s Rally?

S P 500 index gained 0.2% on Friday, following rally off Tuesday’s local low. Will the uptrend continue this week? Or is this some topping pattern before downward correction?


Oil Bulls in Charge

Earlier today, the black gold rebounded sharply and broke above the upper border of the trend channel. Will we see further rally?


USD/JPY – Another Invalidation of Breakout

Earlier today, the U.S. dollar moved sharply lower against the yen as demand for safe-haven assets increased after yesterday’s South Korea’s Defense Ministry commentaries. As a result, USD/JPY slipped under important support line once again, invalidating the earlier breakout. What does it mean for the exchange rate?

Market Overview

Investment in gold and silver

Stay up-to-date with the major shifts in the world’s economy and long-term market turns with Arkadiusz Sieron.

Gold Silver Trading Alerts

Investment in gold and silver

Trends that move before the market, overlooked by the masses. Clear buy sell signals for gold silver traders.

Oil Trading Alerts

Investment in gold and silver

Nadia Simmons’ alerts could be just as indispensable to profiting from oil’s price swings, as crude oil is in general.

Forex Trading Alerts

Investment in gold and silver

Take your cash management to a higher level and/or profit on FOREX trades with Nadia Simmons.

Gold Investment Tools

Investment in gold and silver

More than just a standard set of tools. Tools that set a new standard for gold investment gold price prediction.

Bitcoin Trading Alerts

Investment in gold and silver

Multiply your bitcoin profits thanks to Mike McAra’s daily insights and experience.

Stock Trading Alerts

Investment in gold and silver

Profit on the stock market with confidence, knowing that Paul Rejczak will keep you updated.

Oil Investment Updates

Investment in gold and silver

Make sure you adjust your long-term crude oil investments correctly given the major developments.

Featured Video

How to profit from seasonal price fluctuations

“Sell in May and go away” – you’ve definitely heard this saying before. But did you know that the best month to sell gold is, in fact, February? In this video, it’s going to show you how to confront buzz and dogmata with real world data.

Keywords: gold seasonality, gold sesonals,

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