Sep 30 2017

Halo Custom Edition Halo Custom Edition Game: Halo Custom Ed #halo #dedicated #server


Halo Custom Edition Game [English]

Title: Halo Custom Edition Game [English]
Section: Halo Custom Edition Game
Author: Gearbox Software
Description: Halo Custom Edition Game (CE) installation archive. NOTE: You must have a copy of Halo PC to install this program Important update see details:

File Name: halocesetup_en_1.00.exe
Media Type: Zip
Size: 178.3M Date: 08/23/04
Downloads: 1,640,002
User Rating: 9.1

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File Notes

So what is Halo Custom Edition Game (HaloCE) you ask? Simply put, it is a new version of HaloPC that is free for all HaloPC owners. This unsupported version of HaloPC is a stand alone Gearbox Software release and is not supported by Microsoft. It offers custom maps and other features.

NOTE: This installation requires that you enter your Halo PC CD Key before you can run the program.

So what is the purpose of Halo Custom Edition Game? The Halo Custom Edition Game was created as a way for Gearbox Software to introduce a new features to Halo PC. The most important of which is the ability to play user created content.

Along with The Halo Custom Edition Game are also a set of tools, tutorials and source art which is called the Halo Editing Kit (HEK). This is a powerful package which will allow users to create their own custom content for The Halo Custom Edition Game.

Important update: The Halo Custom Edition Game has a security patch that brings the version up to 1.09.616, fixes several security issues and removes the CDROM check at startup. It is required that you download and install this patch to connected to updated servers. This update is a mandatory update and will automaticly be downloaded when connecting to the Internet if not applied

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