Sep 13 2017

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Law firm marketing consultants

  • Law firm marketing consultants

  • Law firm marketing consultants

  • Law firm marketing consultants

  • Law firm marketing consultants

  • Law firm marketing consultants

    Law Firm Consultants For Small to Mid Size Firms – 307-733-9092

    GET HELP if you wonder how the operations of your firm measure up with others, or if you wrestle with such issues as enhancing firm management and operations, staff training, utilization, organization, policies and processes, firm profitability and efficiency, equitably dividing the pie, or if you are considering lateral hires or a merger with another firm.

    Our clients have found that it is invaluable to have seasoned, objective persons with law firm operations know-how, like us, meet with them either in the setting of their offices, or more informally by means of a retreat outside the office, to help assess where they are now and to plan for the future.

    I am forever grateful to you for helping me get on track.


    What we do is build a client relationship that honors what lawyers do. We invest in and care about our clients’ success.
    We have now consulted with or conducted strategic planning retreats for more than 250 small to mid-size firms nationwide.
    Using the meaningful insights we have gained, as accomplished, impartial outsiders, we can help you and your firm deal with issues such as:

    • Coaching for professional development

    • Profitability; Business Plan

    • Staff issues including utilization

    • Firm management and governance

    • Strategic planning retreat planning and facilitation

    • Lateral hire recruitment, evaluation

    • Merger evaluation, search and representation

    • Budgeting and financial management

    • Expense/gross revenue ratio

    • Redefining the role of senior attorneys

    • Resolution of interpersonal problems

    “I had reached a plateau in the growth of my practice after 18 years. I worked with Bob Jan to formulate a plan for the future which revitalized the firm as well as me individually.

    Concerned about cost? Call us-we will tailor our services to fit your budget.

    Phone: 307-733-9092


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    Client Testimonials

    I hired Bob and his partner Jan Friedlund Henderson to help me work through some issues at my law firm. The problems were complex and had been in existence for a long time. These were “hot button” issues like compensation structure for other members in the law firm, division of work responsibility and assignment of support staff. Bob and Jan did a marvelous job of expeditiously sorting through and solving issues that I had struggled with for a long, long time. They further made a wonderful presentation to the other members of the law firm and the staff which got us all on the same page and working towards common goals. They devised a compensation structure that everyone sees as fair and created an atmosphere of teamwork. I highly recommend them both.

    Contact Us

    1555 Clydesdale Dr.

    Jackson Hole, WY 83001

    Law firm marketing consultants

    Why Retain Us?

    · You will receive personalized service , because you will be retaining me, and only me, rather than taking pot-luck , depending on who is available when you need assistance.

    · You will receive ongoing assistance, with no additional charge , after my assignment for your firm is concluded. I will be available for additional,unlimited follow-up telephone consultations.

    · You will benefit from the extensive experience and seasoning I have gained from twenty years of counseling with more than 250 law firms in large, medium and small cities and towns located in 42 different states and the Province of Ontario.

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