Jul 8 2017

How illegal is it to let someone else drive your rental car? FlyerTalk Forums #how,illegal,let,someone,else,drive,your,rental,car,


how illegal is it to let someone else drive your rental car?

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how illegal is it to let someone else drive your rental car?

Sorry if this has been asked and answered elsewhere — I’m not having much luck with the search function.

My question is whether letting someone else in your party drive the rental car is really breaking important rules or if it’s something just commonly done? And what liabilities you face if an accident happens? (which is the only situation where I can see it matters)

Is it just a matter between you and the rental company, or the law too?

It depends. Since you signed a rental _contract_, letting somebody who isn’t authorized by that contract drive your car might be considered a breach of contract, which is a civil matter. Of course, depending on the case, there could be other issues, such as theft or such, that might be brought up.

The worst that could happen? Hertz could sue you for a contract violation (unlikely). They could and probably would add you to their do not rent list if they found out.

It’s a risk vs. reward thing. The risk is probably rather small.

Also, if you are in violation of the contract and in the event of an accident, you could be liable for any damages, and your own insurance company may deny payment because the contract is invalid.

Well, forget about what Hertz would do because whether they are an additional authorized driver or not, what will happen in 99.99% of cases is:

-Your insurance company will deny your claim because you were not driving the vehicle.

-The driver’s insurance company will deny the claim because they are not legally responsible for the car. you are.

-You’re screwed. If you still care what Hertz will do after finding out that you owe the amount of the car then Hertz, at the very least, will put you on their Do-Not-Rent list and if you show up at any Hertz counter you will get a nice, Thanks but we don’t want your business.

If you really need someone to drive the rental car other than your spouse then you should always accept LDW LIS with those rentals declare them as drivers. It is expensive but if the car gets in an accident you will thank yourself over and over again. The only exception to this would be if you are renting for business and are with a company where LDW liability are included in the rate and fellow employees are automatically considered authorized operators.

Who is the other person? Some contracts automatically allow family members (above 25 y/o) or business colleagues. You will need to read the contract fine print.


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