Aug 13 2017

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LastPass Authenticator is a multifactor app for Android, iOS and Windows phone devices. It supports 3 ways to login:

  • Time based 6 digit codes
  • One-tap push notifications
  • SMS 6 digit codes

LastPass Authenticator is also TOTP compliant, meaning it’s compatible with all apps and websites that support Google Authenticator like Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote, WordPress, и many more. That means you can conveniently manage two-factor authentication for multiple services, all from LastPass Authenticator.

To get started, follow the enabling and usability steps below:

Enable LastPass Authenticator for LastPass

  1. Install the LastPass Authenticator on your mobile device from the app store. Примечание: LastPass Authenticator requires Android 4.0.3 and later.
  2. On your desktop or laptop, go to the LastPass Vault and launch Настройки профиля .
  3. В разделе Опции многофакторной аутентификации. edit LastPass Authenticator.
  4. В поле Включено выберите, Да и нажмите Обновить
  5. On the next dialog, выберите Enroll. You will then be directed to the enrollment page.
  6. On the enrollment page, нажмите Set up mobile app and follow the prompts to scan the barcode. (If this is not the first app you have integrated with LastPass Authenticator, tap the + icon to add a new app).
  7. Add a phone number to be used as backup by clicking Set up text message in step 2 of enrollment. Follow the prompts to input your phone number and verify the number.
  8. И наконец, нажмите Activate at step 3 of enrollment.
  9. Once enrolled, you ll see the following success message:

Enable LastPass Authenticator Push Notifications for Other Sites

Once you have set up the LastPass Authenticator app with your LastPass account, you can begin to set up other sites using this all-in-one authentication app. Compatible sites for push notifications include:

  • (AWS excluded at this time)

**Please ensure that you have the LastPass extension enabled and are logged into your LastPass account. LastPass push notification on these sites are browser specific. It means if you log into LastPass and then these sites for the first time on a desktop browser, you would have to re-enable it for your sites**

  1. Visit a site you wish to enable LastPass Authentication for, go to your security settings within that site, and begin to set up your authenticator option with LastPass Authenticator.
  2. Once prompted, click on the + sign in your LastPass Authenticator to add your site. You can either enter the code manually, or scan the QR code within the app.
  3. Once scanned, you should be prompted to enter the 6 digits code seen in the LastPass Authenticator into the site to confirm the set up.
  4. After successfully confirming, log out of that site and log back into the site again.
  5. You will need to login to the site once manually inputting the 6-digit authentication code. Once you enter it and log in, you will be prompted from the LastPass extension to enable push notifications for this site:

  • Нажмите Включить and you are all set! The next time you visit the page and login, you will see a push notification for your 2FA.
  • Using LastPass Authenticator

  • If you lost your device, use your backup SMS codes to login by clicking Отправить SMS-код and input the 6 digit code into the authentication field and click Authenticate .
  • Logging in Offline

    When multifactor authentication is enabled, you can choose whether to allow LastPass to store an encrypted vault locally so you can log in without an internet connection or not. Если Вы включите автономный доступ, you will be able to login without using Multifactor (with the exception of Yubikey) in case of a connectivity issue.

    С некоторыми интернет-конфигурациями (как правило, беспроводными соединениями и возвращением из режима сна), есть возможность сначала войти в LastPass в автономном режиме, прежде чем установить подключение к Вашему онлайн Хранилищу и запросить Ваш код аутентификации. Это может привести к автозаполнению всех учетных данных, сохраненных в LastPass для текущей открытой страницы. Если Вы хотите отключить автономный доступ, Вы можете сделать это в Ваших Настройки профиля. В Хранилище, click Settings on the left navigation pane Опции многофакторной аутентификации Google Authenticator Permit Offline Access: change it to Disallow and save the change. Note: you will need to clear LastPass local cache or re-log in online since the change so the local cache is automatically cleared.

    Cloud Backup

    With LastPass Authenticator s new cloud backup, you can restore your multifactor tokens if you lose or upgrade your phone. Combined with our unique, one-tap verification experience, LastPass Authenticator gives you all the security you need from your MFA app, without any of the frustration.

    Enable Cloud Backup

    1. Open Settings from the side hamburger меню.
    2. Отключите опцию Backup to LastPass to enabled.
    3. Sign into the LastPass app. A LastPass account is required, if you dont have one, create one, it s free!
      • If you already have LastPass installed and signed in, you ll be asked to confirm your email address.
      • If you do not have LastPass installed already, you will be propmted to download and sign in.

    Restoring from Cloud Backup

    1. Install LastPass and LastPass for Applications from the App Store.
    2. Launch LastPass Authenticator.
    3. LastPass Authenticator will ask if you would like to add a new account manually or restore from backup. Choose to restore from backup.
    4. Tap the grey button, and we ll ask you to confirm your LastPass account (if you are logged in), or pass you over to the LastPass app to log in.
    5. После авторизации, your accounts on LastPass Authenticator will be restored.

    Часто задаваемые вопросы

    • Which devices is Cloud Backup compatible with?
      Cloud backup is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
    • If I add a multifactor entry on one device, will it automatically appear on another device?
      No; this feature is intended to back up your multifactor setups, it is not intended to automatically synchronize between devices.
    • What happens to my LastPass push notifications?
      If you have your LastPass account paired to your Authenticator, your LastPass push notification will be transferred to the device on which you restore your database. Only one device can be activated at a time for push notifications.


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