Oct 13 2017

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Management Information Systems

MIS consists of a specially designed curriculum which emphasizes conceptual, analytical, technical and interpersonal skills.

The Management Information Systems (MIS) program is designed to provide students with a strong educational foundation preparing them as information system (IS) professionals.

The MIS program provides comprehensive training in the application, use, and management of information systems preparing students to provide effective information services and support.

  • Impart knowledge on existing and emerging information technologies and their impact on the IS function
  • Train to critically analyze business processes, identify inefficiencies and problems, assess information requirements, create business solutions and technical specifications for the supporting system
  • Provide expertise to design and develop database applications using the latest database technologies; provide expertise in the latest telecommunication technologies
  • Train in interpersonal and communication skills to effectively interact with various information systems’ clients
  • Provide managerial skills to manage IS project

The difference between the MIS program and Computer Science (COM S) or Computer Engineering (Cpr E):

  • The MIS program has a business emphasis first (accounting, finance, management, etc.), supported with technical skills and background
  • MIS uses technical skills to provide problem solving ability in business decision making


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