Aug 3 2017

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Fast-track mobile app development and deployment – with SAP Mobile Platform

Why SAP Mobile Platform?

Because it is the most agile and open mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) on the market. It lets developers use their preferred tools and the latest mobile software development kits (SDKs) to rapidly build and deploy apps for most devices, wearables, and desktops. With SAP Mobile Platform you can:

  • Offer an enterprise-grade, mobile-first experience to your employees, partners, and customers
  • Deliver amazing consumer and business apps using a single MEAP platform – on premise or in the cloud
  • Take advantage of a robust set of services and libraries to accelerate app design and innovation
  • Customize pre-packaged mobile applications from SAP and over 100 development partners
  • Deploy apps built on SAP Mobile Platform in the SAP Store – and reach SAP’s 200,000+ customers

Learn how SAP Mobile Platform can simplify the lives of business users and IT staff:

  • Mobile Application Development – Accelerate mobile app development and deployment with a common software development kit (SDK), offline (OData) services, and application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • OData Offline Service – Simplify the development of offline applications with the industry-standard Open Data Protocol (OData) service provided by SAP Mobile Platform.
  • Open Development Platform – Let your developers to build native, hybrid, and mobile Web apps using their preferred tools and frameworks. The open development model makes it easy for developers to use the latest SDKs to create apps for mobile devices, wearables, and desktops.
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Development – Streamline your Android, iOS, and Windows mobile app development – in the cloud or on premise – with the latest support packages and harmonized APIs for SAP Mobile Platform.
  • Mobile Application Services – Our services can help you seamlessly connect to your existing systems and deliver innovative consumer- and employee-facing mobile apps. Use an HTML5 admin console to ensure your IT department has full visibility and management capabilities from any device.

Suggested Resources

  • SAP Mobile Server Feature Management – SAP Mobile Platform Server 3.0 allows you to manage groups of functionality, features, or bundles at product build time and after installation. You can also enable optional custom features to meet the requirements of your specific environment.
  • Data Integration in SAP Mobile Platform – The Integration Gateway component is deployed on SAP Mobile Platform Server 3.0 to provide standardized data integration across a range of back-ends. The gateway supports both SAP and non-SAP back-ends using non-OData REST Services, JDBC, SOAP, and OData process integration. It also provides core platform services using Java and RESTful APIs – these are common services used by all applications.
  • Security Administration – SAP Mobile Platform Server 3.0 provides seamless end-to-end authentication and security policy integration. You can configure end-to-end authentication from the client to the back-end without a VPN. The server uses the standard HTTPS protocol to integrate into your existing security landscape without disruption.
  • Application Versioning – The platform includes application versioning for hybrid apps. When you upload and deploy a new or updated version of a hybrid app to SAP Mobile Platform Server, you can designate it as the current version while maintaining older versions of the application.

Suggested Resources

System requirements for SAP Mobile Platform

Here you’ll find minimum and recommended hardware and software requirements for SAP Mobile Platform. For additional information, please consult the SAP Mobile Platform Help Portal .

  • Oracle Database: Windows, Linux, Solaris, IBM AIX (11G and higher)
  • Microsoft SQL Server: Windows 2005 to 2012
  • SAP Application Servers: All platforms and versions supported
  • SOAP using the HTTP-XML connection: All platforms and versions supported
  • File System using Agentry file system connections: Windows and Linux operating system versions that are supported by SAP Mobile Platform 3 and higher
  • ODBC Compliant Backend: All platforms and operating systems that support ODBC connectivity (not all data types are supported)

Minimum hardware requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo processor running at 2 GHz or higher, or equivalent AMD processor
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Disk Space for Installation: 1.2 GB
  • SAP Mobile Platform may only be installed on 64-bit systems

Supported Web browsers for
management cockpit

  • Windows Platforms: Internet Explorer 10 and higher, Mozilla Firefox 10.x, Google Chrome 20 and higher
  • Mac Platforms: Safari 5.1 and higher

Supported JDK versions

All SAP Mobile Platform Java components (including the SAP Mobile Platform Management API) require SAP JVM 7, which is provided with the SAP Mobile Platform installation.

Reverse proxy support

SAP Mobile Platform Server is compatible with HTTP(S) reverse proxies that support X509 (where required), cookie and header propagation, WebSockets, and session affinity.

The platform was tested with the following proxies:

  • BigIP F5
  • Citrix NetScaler 10.5
  • Apache 2.4
  • SAP Web Dispatcher 7.42
  • SAP Mobile Platform Relay Server 16.5.3 (as of SMP v3 SP06)

SAP Mobile Platform Relay Server support has the following exclusions:

  • Relay Server is supported for Agentry clients when applications are configured for application-level security features. The SAP Mobile Platform security should be set to No Authentication. Other authentication types such as Basic Authentication, System Authentication, SSO, LDAP, LDAPS, Kerberos, and X509 are not supported
  • SAP Fiori applications are not supported with Relay Server

SAP Afaria support

SAP Mobile Platform supports SAP Afaria Server 7 SP1, Hot Fix 8 and higher.

Certified LDAP servers

The following LDAP servers are certified for use with SAP Mobile Platform:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory

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