Aug 14 2017

Mytee HP60 Spyder Hot Water Carpet & Upholstery Extractor, carpet cleaning machine, hot water carpet


Not too big and not too small � the perfect carpet extractor for enthusiasts and professionals

The Mytee HP60 Spyder Hot Water Carpet Upholstery Extractor is proof that you don�t have to spend a small fortune to get a quality hot water carpet extractor.� Not too big and not too small, the Mytee HP60 Spyder is perfect for enthusiasts and small detail shops that demand a capable and reliable hot water carpet extractor.� From the 1200 watt heating element to the 6 gallon recovery and solution tank, the Mytee HP60 Spyder will surely fulfill all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.

The Mytee HP60 Spyder Hot Water Carpet Upholstery Extractor is often referred to as the �mini Grand Prix� because it shares several of the same components and features with Mytee�s flagship hot water carpet extractor, the HP-100 Grand Prix.� Like the larger HP-100 Grand Prix, the Mytee HP60 Spyder utilizes a 1200 watt in-line heater with a maximum temperature of 210 degrees Fahrenheit. � The 1200 wattt in-line heater paired with the enormous 137 inches of water lift produced by the powerful single 3-stage motor enables the Mytee HP60 Spyder to deep clean carpet and upholstery, ridding it of ground-in dirt, grime and grease.

The Mytee HP60 Spyder Hot Water Carpet Upholstery Extractor was designed, engineered and manufactured to be used daily.� The roto-molded polyethylene body is rugged and well built and the 3 inch stainless steel upholstery tool won�t rust over time. � Features like this are what set the Mytee HP60 Spyder Hot Water Carpet Upholstery Extractor apart from lesser units.�

  • Performance � Using Mytee’s exclusive REAL HEAT� system, the 1,200-watt in-line heater with maximum 210 temperature produces hot water that quickly breaks up grease and dirt. The three-stage motor makes the extractor even more effective.
  • A 1.25� hose � Easy to maneuver in tight spots.
  • The upholstery tool � Has a low profile, perfect for detailing.
  • Insulated quick disconnects � Offers operator comfort and safety.
  • A high drain valve � For emptying into a standard bucket.
  • A compact design � Fits perfectly into a van, truck or storage area.

The HP60 Spyder also offers:

  • Durability � With a tough, roto-molded polyethylene material that resists rusting and denting.
  • Customer Service � Mytee� always offers a limited lifetime warranty and national network of service centers.

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