Aug 13 2017

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AA-T Degree in Psychology

The Associate in Arts in Psychology for Transfer (click here to view the program requirements in the college catalog) introduces students to the psychological principles and methodologies used in the scientific study of mental processes and behaviors. Students will acquire the foundational knowledge necessary to pursue post-secondary degrees in psychology and a variety of specializations in the field. The goals of this degree is to prepare students to identify research and statistical methods appropriate to psychology, to compare and contrast the major theoretical perspectives in psychology, and synthesize the relationships between biological and behavioral functions.

To earn an associate degree for transfer a student must complete 60 semester units that are eligible for transfer to the CSU that consist of: IGETC pattern or CSU GE breadth and a major of at least 18 units. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all CSU-transferable coursework to receive an associate degree for transfer and all courses in the major must be completed with a C or better. Students earning an associate degree for transfer will not be required to complete any other local graduation requirements.

Courses you will need to take for the AA-T degree in psychology:

Core Courses (must take all of the following): 10-11 units

  • Psychology 1A OR Psychology 1AH
  • Psychology 10 OR Math 110 OR Math 110H
  • Psychology 3

List A (Select one): 3-4 units

  • Psychology 1B OR Biology 1

List B (Select one): 3 or more units

  • Any List A course not used above, OR Psychology 14 OR Biology 13 OR Child Development 10 OR Child Development 10H OR English 1C OR English 1CH OR Philosophy 3 OR Philosophy 3H OR Philosophy 8 OR Philosophy 9 OR Sociology 1 or Sociology 1H OR Sociology 15

List C (Select one): 3 or more units

  • Any courses not used above OR Psychology 5 OR Psychology 15 OR Psychology 19 OR Psychology 25 OR Psychology 26 OR Psychology 33

* For more information, contact Psychology Department chairs (909-274-5369), visit Career and Transfer Services (909-274-4510, or see a counselor (909-274-4380).

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