Aug 12 2017

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More info on the $99 package.

Now most brokerages already have a website that includes a we re hiring page but the problem is it actually doesn t attract licensed sales agents(!)

The contact form on your site usually gets submissions like I haven t got my license yet and I want to work part time AKA I m looking for a JOB and this leads to the biggest frustration management has with company website leads. It attracts more tire kickers than ladder climbers.

So how do you target real estate agents in your area *who are actually doing deals?

I created a modern twist to the hand written letter after a deal and made it digital! Ever hear of a thing called VIDEO ? Ya it s kind of a big deal. Not only is it great for conveying a message. It s also super easy to automate. It builds the rapport because they can see (and hear you) but you can also cover more points or call-to-actions (before a letter hits the trash can).

You might want to look at this system. It emails a video to all the co-operating agents after a closed deal. **The cool thing is that the email actually comes direct from your email. Like the one you are using right now, so when they reply it goes directly to you!

The system is automated + it has online training for all your agents! So we kill 2 birds with one stone (no birds were harmed in the writing of this 🙂

**Many offices have agent training, but you can t offer it to outside agents. With you get an online training program that is white label . That means when the agents log in it re-brands as your local office! This now gives you a training program you can offer to agents you are looking to build relationships with.

You get notified if anyone creates an account! So if today your office did ten deals and the email goes to all ten agents, but only two created accounts well smarty pants now you know the two agents you should be following up with!

Have you ever talked with an agent about joining your office and they say Na, everything is good and I ll never move . *spoiler alert, but its 2 months later and they changed to another real estate brokerage?

It s usually just the timing when you talked last because they probably were happy, but hey stuff happens. Like office politics, boredom or greener grass syndrome. Who knows? Or maybe they were just waiting for a big listing to close before they moved.

You already know recruiting agents is a contact sport and now you can see no other tool will allow you to touch as many real estate agents as video #consistently

So I wanted to offer you a package deal that includes: 1 recruiting video, automation of email delivery the white label training!

The recruiting plan is territorial and I was wondering if you wanted your area?

All offices need this system like this. it produces results! It’s like pressing the easy button and keeping your agent recruiting consistent.

More info on the $299 package.

Real estate office template:
You get a fully functional website targeted towards capturing leads in your area of real estate agents looking to move brokerages. We include a “we are hiring” page that you can use when filling different positions like: sales agents, teams, admin management.

Mobile friendly:
Take a look at this page on a computer. now go to a mobile phone. It changes automatically! We create the mobile recruiting app for you because this is the direction of online marketing. Our content reformats perfectly to fit any screen. It’s a dynamic as your agents are 🙂

Real estate office training:
Your office gets a membership password protected access to Dan Wood Coaching. It’s step-by-step educational training showing your agents how to market themselves. Your outside agents can get a trial pass as a way for you to recruit. So they get limited access but you still get the leads!

Free giveaways:
You’ll notice a page on goal setting. This is one example of a give away you can offer your recruits. Anytime of the year you can mail, email or direct mail them to join our free webinar. Another giveaway is the education trial. Agents don’t fill in a form because you have one. They fill it in because of what they’ll get. Many agents are not ready to join your company so they won’t fill in your contact me page. but this way you have a free offering they want and now they are in your system for future marketing and relationship building.

Advertising included:
A website is just a shell. It looks pretty but with no traffic you won’t get many leads. So I take our own marketing budget and invest it back towards you – our clients. I’d rather put $ into your ads and see you get results. because long term it’s the best business model (you get results and tell all your broker friends + if you are getting results you will stick with me long term).

For example I make a youtube video and advertise it on Facebook targeting all the agents in your city. The call to action is “buyer agents needed” and when they click on the ad it takes them directly to your “hiring” page explaining how your teams are hiring, leads given, low fees, whatever. we customize it to fit your local office.

We would do the same for google search. When people are at a computer in your city and search terms like “real estate teams” I have them land on a page offering a free report on joining a team in your area. Or another one is new agents. they might search “real estate school” or “real estate job” and for those people we drive them to a squeeze page. “Fill in the form for our guide to getting into real estate” and they get a PDF with all the board links, fees local process.

We also make YouTube, LinkedIN Twitter ads too depending on the market. It’s all done for you and we pay for it. All you need to do is tell me you want it. and I do the rest.

SEO friendly already built:
The coding is clean and modern. The mobile and PC version switch flawlessly. Your current site is probably old and not doing much for you. This is the change you need. It’s time you had some inbound leads. The web is the way to do it.

Our clients are territorial:
We only accept one broker per area. If you have this site no other broker in your area will be allowed to have it. I can offer my online training to any brokerage, but the recruiting websites are territorial. That way my ads are not competing and you get full exposure.

Risk free:
If you don’t like the system just say “I’m out” and I’ll stop that day, pull all ads take down the site. You are not locked into a long term contract. It’s month-to-month. (I wouldn’t hold you to a contract anyways. so I don’t make one).

Recruiting drip plans:
When leads come in for any offer such as the “goal setting webinar” or access to the “online training” we have a automated drip plan already built and working for you. You get the leads to call the system sends them friendly touches of value from us on your behalf.

Recruiting business plan:
As a member you get automated coaching. I mass coach broker owners managers with ideas on recruiting and as the year goes forward I’ll be delivering you new ideas, scripts, templates, letters more. Sometimes you need a push and a plan. This is ongoing and part of the package.

FREE book: Real estate recruiting “ideas for real estate recruiting, a managers hand guide”:
As I meet brokers accross the country I interview them on what’s working. How they are attracting talent and the systems they use. These ideas and stories are being compiled into a book and you get it free! I’ll be sending you each chapter as I create it.

Request information and a demo for recruiting agents with a website like this.

$1,000 a year for just the online education members area. This can be connected to your current site.
— or —

$299 a month for the templated website education (no advertising included).
— or —

$450 a month for everything including advertising! We set it up and pay for your advertising on Facebook Google.
+ we look at Twitter, LinkedIn youtube to see the best mix.

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