Oct 2 2017

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Refresher Courses

If your North Carolina RN or LPN nursing license has been inactive, retired or lapsed for five years or more and you have not been licensed in another state during the last five years*, successful completion of a Board approved refresher course is required prior to reactivating or reinstating your NC license. In order to be considered for current licensure status, you must apply for reinstatement within one year of completing the refresher course.

A current license to resume the practice of nursing will be issued upon successful completion of the refresher course and submission of the reinstatement application, fee, criminal background check and any other documents which the Board may require. The Board may decline to reactivate a license if a determination of unsatisfactory ability to practice nursing is evident.

*Nurse Practitioners who have not practiced in greater than two years
must complete an NP refresher course.

Refresher Course Currently Approved by the NC Board of Nursing

According to the North Carolina Nursing Practice Act, individuals who have not held an active license for at least five years are required to successfully complete a Board approved Refresher Course. If you desire licensure in a state other than North Carolina, contact that board of Nursing regarding their requirements. The RN refresher course includes at least 240 hours of instruction, with at least 120 hours of the total consisting of clinical learning experiences. The LPN refresher course consists of at least 180 hours of instruction, with at least 90 hours of the total being clinical learning experiences.


Isothermal Community College
Approval Expires: June, 2018
Phone: (828) 286-3636

Lenoir Community College
Approval Expires: January, 2019
Phone: (252) 527-6223

South Piedmont Community College
Approval Expires: June, 2018
Phone: (704) 272-5398
Online – provides independent didactic review with clinical preceptorship in your own community.


Lenoir Community College
Approval Expires: November, 2021
Phone: (252) 527-6223

StanlyCommunity College
Approval Expires: January, 2022
Phone: (704) 991-0342

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