Sep 21 2017

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Welcome to VicSolar – Australia’s premier solar provider.

Solar Panel Melbourne

VicSolar is committed to making alternative energy more accessible to Australians by offering easy, affordable and dependable solar panels.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to combat rising energy costs or wanting to reduce your environmental footprint, or a business owner looking to make a difference, get in touch with our friendly and trustworthy team for a quote today.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and top-quality solar solutions. We are providing high quality products such as solar panels Melbourne, solar electricity systems. solar power rebate Victoria, 3kw solar system, solar panel Victoria and solar power Victoria.

We promise you the highest quality products, Clean Energy Council-accredited installers, and warranties that far exceed the industry standard.

Contact us to schedule a visit to your business or home today!

Solar Panel Rebate Victoria

Solar panel rebate suitably becoming common all over the globe, providing home- and short business owners in Australia, America, the UK and even South Africa with combined attraction to lower their carbon footprints and live sustainably. Solar powered energy will be the energy for the future. It is particularly efficient solution to warm a residence (or to warm water) all through the year. Solar energy can also be less costly due to federal, state, and local government rewards offered to make home solar power panels. VicSolar is offering steady and economical solar power rebates specially in Melbourne and Victoria.

Certified One Solar Master Distributor

OneSolar International is a leading global manufacturer of Solar Panel solutions for the residential and commercial market. We are proud to be the world s first fully integrated ‘one-stop-shop’ solar company that controls the whole process of manufacturing, installation and servicing of entire solar system applications. At OneSolar, you can feel confident that all your solar panel needs will be looked after from start to finish.

Contact us for more information on One Solar Systems and to understand how this system is the best solution for your home and business.

3kw solar system

Assume! a 3kw solar system in your house for 20 years, can save up to 99,000 kgs of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere. That’s almost equal to planting 5,320 trees or taking 131 cars off the road. The warranty of a system is around 25 years, but they can even last up to 40 years! That’s like planting an Amazon worth of trees!.In Australia, the market for solar PV systems has moved in past few years from 1.5 kilowatt (kW) to 3 to 5kW solar PV systems. That shuffling has appeared in a vast part due to the decrease in price of solar power systems, and the increasing electricity prices. READ MORE.

The guys at Vicsolar are very professional, friendly and easy to deal with. Would and have recommended to everyone. Great referral programs.Greenvale, P. Middleton

Extremely pleased with my experience with Vicsolar. The salesman was polite, friendly and helpful. The system was installed by very professional and experienced staff. Great value and would recommend Vicsolar to everyone!Keysborough, N. Gecer

You explained everything in a way we could easily understand. We also had the system installed earlier than what we expected. We were kept up-to-date through the process. Already have passed your name onto our friends.Noble Park, Noble Park, Dawn and Reg Vernon

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