Sep 13 2017

Facts About Clinical Psychology #interesting #facts #about #clinical #psychology

# Facts About Clinical Psychology Clinical psychology is the largest practice area of psychology. It takes much training and education to become a clinical psychologist, but the work can be quite rewarding. Work Description Clinical psychology involves the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illnesses. Clinical psychologists most often work in counseling centers, private or group settings, or in hospitals and clinics. Clinical psychologists also work in rehabilitation centers, assisting patients with arthritis, spinal cord injuries or brain ailments. Clinical psychology also helps patients deal with difficult life situations, such as divorce and grief from traumatic events. Clinical psychologists …

Sep 4 2017

10 Cool Chirpy Cricket Facts #facts #about #genesis

# 10 Cool Chirpy Cricket Facts Crickets can often be heard in the garden at this time of year At this time of year on a warm evening it’s not unusual to hear the loud chirping of crickets in the garden. Children are often fascinated by the loud sound that they make so here are 10 interesting facts about these noisy little bugs you can share with them: Only male crickets chirp and do so to attract a female mate. Male crickets make their chirping noise by rubbing their wings together. Crickets are usually nocturnal which explains why we hear …

Jul 6 2017

Multiple Sclerosis: Overview & Facts #multiple #sclerosis, #ms, #multiple #sclerosis #facts, #ms #facts

# Overview Facts Multiple sclerosis is a mysterious, often frustrating disease. Learn what scientists know about MS — what seems to trigger it, and its effect on the nervous system. What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS)? What makes the body’s immune system cause damage to healthy nerves? Learn more about MS and its effect on the brain and spinal cord. Could You Have MS? Maybe you’ve felt exhausted or weak lately. Or your foot is starting to tingle. So you do a quick Internet search and come up with an alarming result: Your symptom is one of the signs of multiple …