Sep 14 2017

Forensics Lab Technician: Salary, Duties and Requirements #forensics #lab #technician: #salary, #duties #and #requirements

# Forensics Lab Technician: Salary, Duties and Requirements Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Requirements The field of forensic science does not initially require a specified major. The prospective technician has time to choose one of the career path options available. For example, lab technicians may begin their studies with an interest in biology, then pursue a specialization field such as DNA comparison. A bachelor’s degree, primarily in chemistry, physics, physical anthropology, or biology, is required to enter the job arena. It’s necessary for forensics lab technicians to have clear oral and written communication skills, as well as the ability …

Aug 10 2017

The Metaphysics Research Lab #lab #assistant #courses

# The Metaphysics Research Lab Center for the Study of Language and Information Cordura Hall 202 Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305-4115 Welcome to the web pages of the Metaphysics Research Lab. Whereas physics is the attempt to discover the laws that govern fundamental concrete objects, metaphysics is the attempt to discover the laws that systematize the fundamental abstract objects presupposed by physical science, such as mathematical objects and relations, possible states and events, types (as opposed to tokens), possible and future objects, complex properties, etc. Abstract objects are even needed to understand what may turn out to be scientific fictions …

Jul 29 2017

Synthetic Meat Spat Shows That Ethical Meat Doesn – t Mean Peaceful Meat #food #fights,

# And aside from calling a few scientists who told me that stem cells are expensive, there’s not a good way to accurately gauge the price as-is aside from believing the people making the product. We’ll have to wait until we see something, on all counts. So, who do you believe? It’s easy for Impossible Meats, a veggie burger company that’s already selling its product in restaurants, to crap on its new competitors which have secured only a fraction of the funding. But does meat grown in a culture stand a chance? Post, creator of the first cultured burger, has …