Sep 14 2017

FREE HARDSHIP LETTER SAMPLE – Loan Modification, Refinancing, Loan Workout #free #hardship #letter,hardship #letter #sample,loan

# FREE HARDSHIP LETTER SAMPLELoan Modification, Refinancing, Loan Workout The free hardship letter sample below is designed to ask your creditor to re-exam your mortgage loan situation and help you qualify for a refinancing, loan extension or mortgage loan modification agreement. A hardship letter is often used to renegotiate delinquent debts by offering or asking for a solution that will help save the property from foreclosure. Circumstances that might constitute a legitimate hardship in the eyes of a lender:Job Loss, Disease or death in the family, Military service, Medical bills, Reduction of income, Business failure, Significant increase in interest rate …

Aug 30 2017

How to Write a Formal Demand Letter #part #of #a #business #letter

# How to Write a Formal Demand Letter If your efforts to talk out your problems fail and you decide not to mediate, your next step is to send your adversary a letter. Many courts require you to make a formal demand for payment. But even where writing a formal demand letter isn’t legally required, there are two reasons why doing so makes great sense. First, in as many as one-third of all disputes, your demand letter will serve as a catalyst to settlement. Second, even if no settlement results, setting out your case in a formal letter affords you …