Sep 29 2017

Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician #microsoft #certified #desktop #support #technician, #mcdst, #it, #windows, #operating #system,

# MCDST – Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician Related Terms Sponsored by Microsoft. the M icrosoft C ertified D esktop S upport T echnician (MCDST) is an entry-level certification indicates the certificate holder demonstrates the knowledge and skills required to support end-users and troubleshoot desktop environments running on the Microsoft Windows operating system. This certification validates professionals for a number of job roles including help desk technician, customer support and technical support representatives and specialists. To earn the MCDST certification, you must pass both of the following exams, in any order: Supporting Users and Troubleshooting a Windows XP Operating System …

Aug 13 2017

Windows 8 System Event Log #windows #8, #microsoft #windows #8, #microsoft, #microsoft #windows #8, #new

# Windows 8 System Log Most of the operating systems’ problems are recorded in the System log. Sometimes it’s more convenient to use the Event Viewer, while at other times PowerShell is quicker. Windows 8 System Log Topics Getting Started – Finding the Windows 8 System Log I am going to show you two methods to research the System log entries, they work really well in tandem. By that I mean the Event View will teach you about PowerShell. Launch the Windows 8 Event Viewer To get started with the Event Viewer press Winkey +w, this launches the Search box …

Jul 27 2017

GMP Documents and SOP Templates Medical Devices #standard #operating #procedure #template, #sop #template, #gmp, #format,

# Standard Operating Procedure Templates – SOPs We provide high quality good manufacturing practice (gmp) documents and templates for the regulated health industry. Our main expertise is the Quality Management field for drug products, drug substances (active pharmaceutical ingredients, API), medical devices and the ISO regulated industry. Our Quality Management documents and standard operating procedure templates are built on the industry specific requirements and regulations. Conformance of our documents is our first goal. New Products This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) describes the requirements according to 21 CFR Part 4 for combination products. For the European market, when a device is …