Oct 13 2017

Can you get lead poisoning from a pencil #lead, #online #dictionary, #english #dictionary, #lead #definition,

# lead 1 a heavy toxic bluish-white metallic element that is highly malleable: occurs principally as galena and used in alloys, accumulators, cable sheaths, paints, and as a radiation shield. Symbol: Pb; atomic no: 82; atomic wt: 207.2; valency: 2 or 4; relative density: 11.35; melting pt: 327.502°C; boiling pt: 1750°C related adjectives plumbic plumbeous plumbous a lead weight suspended on a line used to take soundings of the depth of water swing the lead, to malinger or make up excuses lead weights or shot, as used in cartridges, fishing lines, etc a thin grooved strip of lead for holding …

Aug 3 2017

Relman, Dane & Colfax PLLC #fair #housing, #fair #lending, #police #accountability, #public #accommodations, #employment #discrimination

# The Firm Relman, Dane Colfax is a civil rights law firm based in Washington, D.C. with additional offices in Ohio and New Mexico. We litigate civil rights cases in the areas of housing, lending, employment, public accommodations, education, and police accountability. Our national practice includes individual and class action lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs who have suffered discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, national origin, color, religion, sex, disability, age, familial status, source of income, and sexual orientation. The firm also provides legal counsel to progressive companies that demonstrate a commitment to best practices in the way …

Jul 30 2017

LOS ANGELES EMPLOYMENT LAWYERS #truck #lawyers, #class #actions #overtime #claims #misclassification #wrongful #termination #retaliation #discrimination

# The Law Offices of Raphael A. Katri is a Los Angeles based labor employment law firm serving the Greater Southern California region with an emphasis on wage hour and wrongful termination litigation. We Represent Employees and Independent Contractors in Various Types of Employment Disputes Including. Class Actions Overtime / Back Wages Unpaid Commissions Expense Reimbursement Wrongful Termination Retaliation / Discrimination Hostile Work Environment / Harassment Meal Rest Break Violations And much. much more! CONTINGENCY FEE ARRANGEMENTS!FREE TELEPHONE CONSULTATIONS! Our Clients Include Employees and Contractors from Various Industries and Positions Including. Computer IT/IS Professionals Computer Technology/Engineers Account Executives Managers Sales …