Sep 13 2017

Export SharePoint Users and Groups to Excel using PowerShell #powershell #development #environment

# Export SharePoint Users and Groups to Excel using PowerShell Requirement: Export SharePoint Users and Groups to Excel for analyzing SharePoint Groups and Users along with their Account Name, E-mails!We can export SharePoint User Group to excel using PowerShell. Here is how: PowerShell Script to Export Users Groups: This script will Export SharePoint user group to excel. Here is the report output: PowerShell script to Get All Groups and Members of Each group: How to Get members of a particular group in SharePoint 2007 using PowerShell: Its also possible to read user properties from User Profile. PowerShell script to Get …

Sep 8 2017

LazyWinAdmin: PowerShell – Get-DomainComputer (ADSI) #adsi #powershell

# PowerShell – Get-DomainComputer (ADSI) The following function use ADSI to query Computer objects from the Active Directory. Optionally an alternate credentials and/or a different domain can be specified. Once in a while, everyone “enjoy” doing Auditing at work. ok maybe not everyone :-). so last week, an colleague of mine needed to get the name of the Primary user of each workstations that connect to one of their critical application. Lucky for me, first he had the list of workstations and second we have the name of the primary user information in the Active Directory located in the description …