Oct 13 2017

Can you get lead poisoning from a pencil #lead, #online #dictionary, #english #dictionary, #lead #definition,

# lead 1 a heavy toxic bluish-white metallic element that is highly malleable: occurs principally as galena and used in alloys, accumulators, cable sheaths, paints, and as a radiation shield. Symbol: Pb; atomic no: 82; atomic wt: 207.2; valency: 2 or 4; relative density: 11.35; melting pt: 327.502°C; boiling pt: 1750°C related adjectives plumbic plumbeous plumbous a lead weight suspended on a line used to take soundings of the depth of water swing the lead, to malinger or make up excuses lead weights or shot, as used in cartridges, fishing lines, etc a thin grooved strip of lead for holding …