Oct 15 2017

Continuing Medical Education – Healthcare – Nursing – University of Phoenix, nursing education requirements.#Nursing #education

# Continuing education in health care and nursing There are many ways to have a career in health care, from management and administration to education and medical records. These careers might be behind the scenes, but they play a critical role in the smooth and efficient operation of the entire industry. We can help you become a part of it all with our wide range of degrees, certificate programs and individual courses. Learn crucial skills to enhance your career, pursue a new one or help to prepare for transition from your current role to potential management opportunities. Our continuing education …

Oct 11 2017

Windermere Property Management: Serving Whidbey #property #management #requirements

# Local Expertise, Professional Results Windermere Knows Whidbey From Deception Pass to the Clinton Ferry, if you’re looking to rent on the Island, Windermere Property Management knows Whidbey like nobody else. Best in the Business When it comes to property management, Windermere is second to none. With four offices throughout the island we offer unmatched services for both tenants and owners with prompt, personal attention that’s focused on matching the best local properties with the best tenants. Windermere Property Management We do not accept comprehensive reusable tenant screening reports 2017 Windermere Property Management Whidbey IslandSitemap

Oct 2 2017

Respiratory Therapy Program – The Michener Institute #respiratory #therapist #school #requirements

# Respiratory Therapy Program Respiratory Therapy Program Career Opportunities There is a lot of diversity in the field of Respiratory Therapy. Many RT s work in hospitals in the Intensive Care Unit, Delivery Room, Operating Room, Emergency Department and/or Pulmonary Function Lab. RT s may also bring their skills into the community where they work in home care, complex continuing care or rehabilitation facilities. Career opportunities are also growing in business environments, research and education. Further study is available in such areas as: Degree completion option With your Diploma in Respiratory Therapy from Michener, you can complete a University Degree. …

Sep 25 2017

Collin College Nursing Program 2017-2018 – Collin College #collin #college #dental #hygiene #requirements, #collin #college

# Collin College Published on 2017-04-30 04:33:15 from I am thinking about going on the route of getting my associates degree at Collin College. I was curious if anyone had any opinions about the program. Also, if you did get in what were your grades and what was the biggest factor of your acceptance? Published on 2014-06-02 12:09:44 from Dallas News Veterans with a medic certification now can earn an associate’s degree in nursing through a new imitative at Collin College. The Fast Track Program in Nursing will allow veterans with the medic certification or its equivalent to earn …

Sep 22 2017

University Bulletin: Undergraduate Degree Programs: Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements #foreign #language, #arts, #humanities, #natural

# B.A. Degree Requirements Bachelor of Arts –BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREE REQUIREMENTS: 9-24 credits FOREIGN LANGUAGE (0-12 credits) Student must attain 12th credit level of proficiency in one foreign language. See the ADMISSION section of the General Information in this bulletin for the Placement Policy for Penn State Foreign Language Courses (under Opportunities for Credit by Acquisition). B.A. FIELDS (9 credits) Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Arts, Foreign Languages, Natural Sciences, Quantification (may not be taken in the area of the student’s primary major; foreign language credits in this category must be in a second foreign language or beyond the …

Sep 22 2017

Texas Auto Insurance Quotes – Low Rates $40 #texas #auto #insurance #requirements

# Cheap Texas Auto Insurance Quotes Low Rates? Look Here Everyone who wishes to drive in the state of Texas must meet at least the minimum requirements for automobile insurance in order to do so. In most states, including Texas, this means that you have liability coverage that covers the other car in the event of an accident. The basic coverage in Texas, as well as many other states, is commonly referred to as 30/60/25 coverage. This means that the driver covers each person in the accident at up to $30,000 per accident. The maximum for injury coverage can total …

Sep 14 2017

Forensics Lab Technician: Salary, Duties and Requirements #forensics #lab #technician: #salary, #duties #and #requirements

# Forensics Lab Technician: Salary, Duties and Requirements Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Requirements The field of forensic science does not initially require a specified major. The prospective technician has time to choose one of the career path options available. For example, lab technicians may begin their studies with an interest in biology, then pursue a specialization field such as DNA comparison. A bachelor’s degree, primarily in chemistry, physics, physical anthropology, or biology, is required to enter the job arena. It’s necessary for forensics lab technicians to have clear oral and written communication skills, as well as the ability …

Sep 12 2017

Texas Counselor License Requirements, LPC Requirements in TX, drug counselor requirements.#Drug #counselor #requirements

# Counselor Licensure Requirements in Texas The Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors credentials counselors at two levels. Once you have completed all requirements, including post-masters supervised practice, you will become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). While you are in the process of completing requirements, you will work as a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern (LPC-I). This information is intended to be a guide to pursuing a counseling license in Texas. If at any point you have questions about the process or to make sure you are on the correct course, contact the Texas State Board of Examiners of …

Sep 7 2017

How to Become a Video Game Designer: Education and Career Roadmap #video #game #designer #school

# How to Become a Video Game Designer: Education and Career Roadmap Should I Become a Video Game Designer? Video game designers often work as part of a team to create video games. They come up with the games’ concepts, characters, setting, story, and game play. Designers must work with artists and programmers to create the scripting language and artistic vision for a game. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in May 2015 that the average annual salary for multimedia artists and animators was $70,300. Career Requirements High school diploma or equivalent; bachelor’s preferred Video game design or computer …

Sep 6 2017

Health Services Administration Job Options, Salary and Requirements #health #services #administration #job #options, #salary #and

# Health Services Administration Job Options, Salary and Requirements Job Options in Health Services Administration Positions in health services administration have many different titles such as healthcare executive, health services manager and medical administrator. The overall responsibilities of a health services administrator vary based on the needs of individual employers. A health services administrator working in a private physician’s practice might be in charge of clerical employees and billing issues. Larger healthcare facilities generally have many assistant administrators that oversee clinical departments, including surgery and nursing. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that recent federal regulations requiring the …