Sep 13 2017

Virtual – Hosted Call Center Services: Telemarketing Software #dynamic #call #tracking


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Virtual Call Center Services Telemarketing Software for your business. Dynamic Interactive offers Voice Broadcasting, Predictive Dialers, SMS Marketing, Call Tracking and more.

Virtual Call Center Services Telemarketing Software

We provide businesses with the tools and support they need to reach more customers, run a more effective marketing campaign, and make business operations more efficient. Our technology is in the cloud which protects you from data loss in local power outages and eliminates any down time that could be associated with moving office locations or even moving individual employees within your office. By eliminating the headaches associated with installing and maintaining land lines, we can reduce your operating costs while increasing your efficiency.

Our call center software will increase the number of dials each representative can do while also increasing your response rate. Our telemarketing software allows you to dial thousands of people at one time and only transfer the calls to agents when a live person is on the line. This eliminates the need for each agent to shuffle paperwork, dial the phone, and sit on hold while the phone is ringing. Imagine how your profitability will soar when each team member is more productive. Once set up, all you need to do is upload your call list and tell our system how many live agents you have answering the phone. It will track when agents are on a live call and pause new dials until someone is free again.

By using our hosted virtual call center services, you eliminate the high cost of purchasing expensive phone systems. Your agents can simply plug a headset into their computer and speak to customers through our virtual system. This is a fantastic savings for companies that are in a growth period and signing new clients. As you expand and hire new reps, you can reduce the upfront cost associated with getting them up and running. You can further decrease costs by hiring virtual representatives to work from home. If your headquarters is located in a state with high employment costs, this allows you to hire employees that are located out of state and reduce your total payroll cost. If your call center needs to run in all time zones, this provides you additional flexibility by allowing people to work from home.

Call Tracking Improves Your Marketing ROI

When you run a marketing campaign it is important to understand which ads are driving revenue and which ones you can eliminate or adjust. Our call tracking solutions gives you an individual phone number for each advertisement. Now you can spend money on the ads that deliver results.

The majority of the U.S. adult population owns a cell phone and uses it regularly. Text messages have an over 90 percent open rate. SMS marketing allows you to send a text message to your customers informing them of specials, events, and offers. Unlike other forms of advertising you know that they will see your message, giving you excellent exposure.

These are just some of the telephony solutions we provide. To learn more about our call center software, telemarketing software, hosted virtual call center services, call tracking, voice broadcasting, predictive dialer, SMS marketing and more, contact our customer service. We are ready to assist you.

Dynamic interactive offers telephony solutions

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Number One Priority.

We provide customer service support seven days a week and even on holidays. At Dynamic, we are committed to providing customers with excellent service exactly when they need it. We have a team of in-house product developers that are able to customize our software programs based on customer needs, so call us today to see how we can help.

We Believe In True Customer Service.

Have you ever needed customer service or tech support on a holiday, weekend or late at night? That’s not a problem with Dynamic. We even helped a customer right before New Year s Eve. We are so committed to our client’s success that our CTO called the customer from a ski lift to make sure their problem was resolved. We will stop whatever we are doing to make sure our client’s needs are taken care of.

SMS and Mobile Marketing Platforms

Connect with customers anytime, anywhere through SMS marketing. Millions of Americans have smartphones and regularly text message. Text message marketing has a 90% open rate, causing SMS advertising dollars to produce direct results. Grow your business by creating a mobile marketing strategy today.

Learn How Dynamic Services Can Help You

  • Inbound Call Tracking is easy to set up with Dynamic

With inbound call tracking, you can set up a unique phone number to associate with each one of your advertisements. We can provide you with 800 local numbers with a click of a button. With Dynamic, you can easily track which ads produce the most results.


For a limited time only we are accepting call centers to beta test our new cloud base predictive dialing platform. Our product team is currently taking applications for call centers that want to increase their productivity.
Allow your agents to be their most productive

Dynamic Interactive offers telephony solutions to help all industries increase their success. Our unique solutions are idea for businesses, non-profit companies, political organizations, cities, and municipalities. By leveraging technology, you can increase your operational efficiency and maximize your employee s time. This will help to reduce overhead and accomplish more, without hiring additional staff. Dynamic Interactive is committed to delivering real world solutions to our customer s problems. With in-house developers, we are able to customize our platforms to meet individual client needs.

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