Jul 31 2017

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Washington DC Colocation

Colocation in Washington, D.C.

Lowest Rates on the Highest Quality Washington DC Colocation Facilities
COLOpeople offers the very best colocation services in the industry. We pride ourselves in providing the most optimal and adaptable colocation solutions available in Washington, DC. As a company, we have earned the trust of countless businesses, which in the colocation field, means a great deal. We take great pride in being a trusted industry leader due to the sensitivity of data integrity; it isn’t easy to trust just anyone with valuable business data. We understand that there are a wide array of factors that go into being a reliable colocation provider, but the most important is the stability and safety of our facilities. We further distinguish ourselves from other colocation services by not representing a single colocation facility. To the contrary, we are simply the representative of countless facilities and our mission is to use our expertise, knowledge and experience to provide the ultimate colocation solution for you. We have connections in an enormous network containing a large number of colocation companies, which allows us to truly “play the field” on your behalf. We survey all possible options and find you the most appropriate colocation facility for your requirements, desires and budget. Simply put, if you call us first, we will save you money and you will end up with a colocation facility that is ideal for your business needs.

We have received widespread recognition for our services, which has solidified our reputation as the very best colocation Washington DC provider in the industry. Though we accommodate businesses of all types and sizes, we pride ourselves in offering flawless colocation placement services for premier Fortune 500 companies. Smaller companies need not be intimidated by this however, as we are just as capable and willing to serve the needs of businesses of any size. Our Washington DC colocation services are adaptable to your situation offering both fractional and full cabinet packages giving you the freedom to find the colocation solution for you at the appropriate scale and price range. We do not just provide the most ideal, reliable colocation services; we also strive to provide the most cost-effective options. Our expansive network ties allow us to negotiate on your behalf, finding you the best deals in addition to the optimal solution. This is due to the fact that our knowledge of the colocation industry isn’t just limited to its technologies and capabilities; we also have an intensive understanding of the ever-evolving colocation Washington DC market.

Reliable Washington DC colocation solutions means we are consistently able to provide the most secure, stable and ultimately safe colocation services. All of our colocation Washington DC facilities have the highest standards in internet connectivity and power stability. Additionally, our facilities only use the latest advances in fire suppression and cooling technologies to ensure the integrity of your data.

We provide a wide array with our Washington DC colocation services including “green” facilities, hosting services, hybrid hosting, raw data centers, remote reboot control, cloud computing, IP connectivity, interactive user control panels, additional IP addresses and additional bandwidth. We also provide helpful tech support service to ensure that all of our clients are able to optimally utilize the technologies we provide them.

Colocation Washington DC Specifications
Every one of our colocation Washington DC packages includes 1000 Mbps Burstable Port and IP addresses, Primary and Secondary DNS hosting, Forward and Reverse DNS, Multicast with all connections, easily accessible control panel with DNS and usage statistics, and 24/7 support. If you’re interested in pricing, visit the Washington DC Colocation Quote page. We look forward to working with you.

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