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What is an Email blast?

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An Email Blast is an electronic mailing, sent all at once to a large mailing list. This is commonly used by marketers who want to send email advertisements or promotions to their list of customers.

Email blast usually is done with the help of special software or through an email service provider.

Email blasts can be a good way to advertise to customers, but the key is that the people on your list must have “opted-in”, meaning they signed up to receive your messages.

Sending advertisements via email to purchased lists or random people is considered spamming

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Email Blast Marketing is when companies use subscribers email addresses in order to spam them with messages about various products. It is often used in marketing because it can market your products to a wider array of people.

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One of the best offers for email blast service is provided by companies such as “I Mail Unlimited”, “Email Marketing Service”, “Mail Chimp” or “Web Designer Depot”.

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The best time to send an email blast depends a little on the best time you think your recipients would like to receive it. Most business contacts receive an average of 75 emails per day. To make sure they have the time to review (and hopefully, read) your email, try to have your email blast arrive on Tuesday Mornings between 8am and 11am. Mondays (especially after holidays) is typically a day where most contacts are catching up on email from the weekend. Fridays are difficult, as most contacts are wrapping up work from the week and may not have the time to look at your message. Even if they do find time to read it, they may have forgotten about you, and your message, by the next Monday. If Monday is a holiday, time your email blast to arrive on a Wednesday Morning after the holiday. Mornings are best as most people are planning or finalizing their day in the mornings. This gives them more time to react to your email message that same day. Afternoons and evenings are typically too late in the workday to encourage immediate action.

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Electronic mail -often abbreviated as e-mail or email -is any method of creating, transmitting, or storing primarily text-based human communications with digital communications systems.E-mail is a way that you can send messages, letters, pictures, etc. to people that you may know of may not know. It’s faster than sending a letter in the postal mail. Answer. Electronic mail -often abbreviated as e-mail or email -is any method of creating, transmitting, or storing primarily text-based human communications with digital communications systems. Historically, a variety of electronic mail system designs evolved that were often incompatible or not interoperable. With the proliferation of the Internet since the early 1980s, however, the standardization efforts of Internet architects succeeded in promulgating a single standard based on the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

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Short for e lectronic mail. the transmission of messages over communications networks. The messages can be notes entered from the keyboard or electronic files stored on disk. Most mainframes. minicomputers. and computer networks have an e-mail system. Some electronic-mail systems are confined to a single computer system or network, but others have gateways to other computer systems, enabling users to send electronic mail anywhere in the world. Companies that are fully computerized make extensive use of e-mail because it is fast, flexible, and reliable. Most e-mail systems include a rudimentary text editor for composing messages, but many allow you to edit your messages using any editor you want. You then send the message to the recipient by specifying the recipient’s address. You can also send the same message to several users at once. This is called broadcasting. Sent messages are stored in electronic mailboxes until the recipient fetches them. To see if you have any mail, you may have to check your electronic mailbox periodically, although many systems alert you when mail is received. After reading your mail, you can store it in a text file. forward it to other users, or delete it. Copies of memos can be printed out on a printer if you want a paper copy. All online services and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer e-mail, and most also support gateways so that you can exchange mail with users of other systems. Usually, it takes only a few seconds or minutes for mail to arrive at its destination. This is a particularly effective way to communicate with a group because you can broadcast a message or document to everyone in the group at once. Although different e-mail systems use different formats. there are some emerging standards that are making it possible for users on all systems to exchange messages. In the PC world, an important e-mail standard is MAPI. The CCITT standards organization has developed the X.400 standard, which attempts to provide a universal way of addressing messages. To date, though, the de facto addressing standard is the one used by the Internet system because almost all e-mail systems have an Internet gateway. Another common spelling for e-mail is email. Also see Why E-Mails Bounce and Getting Rid of Spam in the Did You Know section of Webopedia.

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There are three kinds of answers: ones that are mostly right, ones that are mostly wrong, and those that once were right but now are wrong.

E-mail (electronic mail) is a message sent through the Internet or other computer network. It consists of text, images, and attachments that appear as screen images, analogous to hard-copy (physical) postal messages.

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